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Debt Recovery

Are you fed up of chasing your debtors? Have you made numerous phone calls and sent numerous letters? As professional Debt Solicitors in Lewisham, with several years experience in debt recovery we have many tools up our sleeves to help you recover your money. Why don’t you relax and leave all the hard work to us?

What can we do?

Amongst other things we shall issue a formal legal demand on your behalf sent by recorded delivery to your debtor. We may also issue legal proceedings in the county court or high court. Depending on your circumstance we could issue a statutory demand in the court against your debtor.

Issuing a Statutory Demand

A Statutory Demand is a final warning to pay a debt before a petition for bankruptcy is issued against the debtor at the High Court. The negative effects on the debtor on lodging a bankruptcy petition are the debtor could lose their assets and they will be unable to obtain future credit while bankrupt.

The Debtor has 21 days to pay the debt, or ask the court to set aside (dismiss) the demand. If the debt has not been paid, or no agreement for payment is reached, or the debtor has not applied to the court to set aside the statutory demand after the expiry of the 21 days, we would lodge a bankruptcy petition in court using the statutory demand form. This can be a very effective form of debt recovery.