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Do I need a Visa?

An ‘Entry Clearance’ or visa is a document issued by a British Post overseas which is evidence that the holder is eligible for entry to the UK even though they are not a British Citizen. People applying for Visas must satisfy entry clearance officials that overseas that the meet the requirements in the Immigration Rules for entry in the category in which they are applying.

People who are not subject to immigration control do not need a visa to enter the UK. Those not subject to immigration control include British Citizens, EEA nationals and some people who can rely on European community law.

Our specialist team are on hand to assist you with your entry clearance application. We can assist you in a wide range of applications. See below:

  • UK Spouses/Civil Partners Visas
  • UK Visit Visas
  • UK Business Visas
  • UK Work Visas
  • UK Study Visas
  • UK Settlement Visas
  • UK Returning Resident Visas
  • UK Point based Visas
  • UK family reunion Visas

What we can do for you?

We can assist you with your entire entry clearance application from start to finish. We will:

  • Advice you on whether on not you meet the entry clearance requirement.
  • Provide you with a typed list of all the documents required for your application.
  • Draft your letter of sponsorship
  • Draft a comprehensive cover letter on your half in support of your application.
  • Complete your online application for you.
  • Book a date online for the submission of your documents overseas.
  • Organise a reputable courier to despatch your application and supporting documents for collection overseas.
  • Provide you with detailed typed instructions on submission of the hard copy of the online application form and supporting documents overseas.
  • Chase up your application if required and keep you updated as the progress of the application.

We also offer a review service for clients who simply want advice on how to do the application on the own and advice on what documents to submit with their application.

Our prices are very competitive and we are happy to send you a quote. Simply call us on 020 8297 4000 or send an email to us at: