Debt Management

  • Are your debts out of control?
  • Have you missed mortgage payments?
  • Are you struggling to pay your bills?
  • Do you face losing your home?
  • Have the bank taken out possession proceedings against you?
  • Are you being petitioned for bankruptcy?
  • Do you have loans and credit problems?
  • Has a money claim been made against you in the county court/high court?

Most of us have owed money to people or organisations at some point in our lives. However sometimes we find ourselves absolutely swamped with debts and cannot see a way out.

Please do not ignore bills. Get help!

What can we do?
  • Advice you on all the options available to you
  • Provide advice on bankruptcy
  • Apply for annulment of the bankruptcy order
  • Write to your lender regarding any threatened possession action against you
  • Assist you in challenging repossession of your property
  • Advice and represent you in court
  • Write to all your creditors and re-negotiate a payment plan
  • Advice on the legality of any court claim against you.

Our prices are very competitive and we are happy to send you a quote. Simply call us on 020 8297 4000 or send an email to us at: