Child Arrangement Orders

child arrangements order is a legal agreement between the court and the parents or guardians of a child. In England and Wales a Child Arrangement Order is a Court Order that sets out details of who is responsible for the care of a child when the parent or carers cannot agree.

A child arrangements order regulates:
  • Where the child lives
  • How often the child has contact with each parent/carer
  • The holiday and Christmas arrangements
  • Education
  • Health considerations
  • Indirect contact via Skype/Facetime

The child’s welfare is the court’s paramount consideration when looking at questions of contact and residence. The court has a duty to consider certain welfare issues such as:

  • the wishes and feelings of the child concerned
  • their physical, emotional and educational needs
  • the likely effect of any change in the child’s circumstances
  • the child’s age, sex, background and characteristics
  • any harm or risk of harm
  • the capability of both parents to meet the child’s needs

We can assist you through this whole process and ensure the arrangements are met and remain in place.

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