Prenuptial Agreements

A Pre-nuptial agreement is an agreement you enter into with your fiancé prior to getting married. It is a common sense step you should take to protect your personal and business assets should you eventually divorce. Anyone who has assets, such as a home, business or investments, can benefit from the protections a well-drafted prenuptial agreement can give them. The agreement should be signed at least 21 days prior to your wedding date.

You should have full and fair disclosure of both parties financial assets and there must be considered planning both for existing children of both parties and for any further children the marriage may produce. You may also want to sign a prenuptial agreement as you are entering into a second or subsequent marriage and want to protect the inheritance rights of your children from your earlier relationship.

It is important to note however that prenups are not currently considered to be legally binding in the UK but when they are freely entered into and have been clearly drafted the courts are increasingly taking account of them and upholding the provisions they make.